The Switch is an incubator and coworking space for Tri-Valley startups and entrepreneurs. 

Located in the heart of Downtown Livermore, we serve a diverse community of innovators from across the Tri-Valley.

Whatever you are working on, chances are there is someone at The Switch who can help.


Membership Benefits

Great Workspace

Members of The Switch enjoy 24/7 access to the facility, which includes high-speed internet, access to meeting rooms, mail service, and coffee, tea, and snacks. 


Cloud Computing

We partner with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to offer member companies up to $20,000 in free services.


Supportive Community

Collaboration is central to our culture at The Switch. Whether you are looking for a co-founder or just a piece of advice, The Switch is a great place to plug in.


Valuable Network

Over the past six years, we have built an extensive network of successful founders, experienced executives, and service providers who can help you answer your most challenging questions.