Switch Labs

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Switch Labs is an incubator for hard tech startups and entrepreneurs solving big, complex problems. 

Capitalizing on our close relationship with Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories, Switch Labs supports founders with science and engineering backgrounds as they bring their technologies to market. 

Switch Labs provides over 9,000 square feet of industrial lab space, along with a prototyping shop, ample meeting and office space, and a vibrant community of collaborative peers.  

Our alumni have raised over $50 million in angel and venture capital for technologies like advanced materials, renewable energy, additive manufacturing, medical devices, agriculture tech, and more. 

Resources for Hard Tech and Life Science Sartups


Switch Labs Member and Alumni Companies

Robot Garden is a community makerspace co-located with Switch Labs.

In addition to providing infrastructure so that people can engage in and collaborate on technology projects, Robot Garden provides a talent pool and collection of know-how that benefits our members.